6 Unique Party Themes for Creative Adults

6 Unique Party Themes for Creative Adults

Sometimes, all we need is one night where we can feel like a kid again. The simplicity, the smiles and laughs, and the ability to see the world from a more optimistic and blissful point of view.

And one way to achieve this, is to throw or attend a themed party! They’re really the perfect way in which to let your imagination run wild!

With that, here are six unique party themes you might fancy for your next big celebration.

Midnight Brunch

Rules were made to be broken! Which is why we love the idea of a midnight brunch themed party.

The name is exactly as it suggests – serving brunch food at midnight! So if you and your pals enjoy chatting and partying until the sun comes up – celebrate with crepes, frittatas, bagels, and of course – mimosas!

Pin-Up Glam

Pin Up Glam

We love polka dots and floral dresses, sweetheart necklines, fluffy skirts, gloves, high heels, and red lipstick! Which means that we’re big fans of a pin-up glam-themed party! And so will you if you’re a big fashionista.

Dressing up in typical pin-up outfits will definitely make you feel feminine and sexy, and what’s not to love about feeling comfortable in your own skin!?

Tropical Fruit

Summer fruits, such as pineapple and watermelon, are totally in right now – meaning that, you could pull off an awesome summer party with colorful decorations and delicious treats according to your chosen fruit(s).

Find fun props such as swimming pool inflatables resembling your theme, make cocktails decorated with fresh fruit, and enjoy the sun with amazing friends and this trendy theme.

Bite-Sized Dinner

Sometimes, bigger isn’t better! So why not ditch the formal sit-down dinner and opt for the same deliciousness, but in bite-size?

Think hamburger sliders, mini Mexican chicken tostadas, bacon-wrapped artichokes, and pint-sized chicken and waffles. And if you’re living on the bold side – your favourite drinks in shot glasses!

High School Stereotypes

This is a fun one! And one may even draw some inspiration from the infamous film, Grease! So whether you’d like to dress up as the jock, the math’s wiz, the cheerleader, the band geek, or even the Goth outcast, it’ll for sure be enjoyable sourcing suitable outfits and props.

Not to mention seeing your friends dressed up as their chosen high school stereotype, which will definitely incur hysterical laughs.

Seven Deadly Sins

For the more macabre and alternative party-goers, having a seven deadly sins theme party will definitely be an interesting one, to say the least. Take some time to choose either lust, gluttony, greed, laziness, wrath, envy, or pride – and dress up accordingly.

We love this idea for its diversity, and the mysterious factor that comes into play. One could even make a game out of it, guessing which one of the seven deadly sins your party-goers have chosen to dress up in.

Decorate the space with an array of different props, food and drinks – such as shot glasses labelled accordingly and various corners of the home dedicated to each sin!

Needless to say, your options are seemingly endless when it comes to finding interesting and unique party themes for your next soiree! So with that, we wish you tons of fun being as carefree as a child once again!

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