How to Organize the Kitchen – Forever and for Always

How to Organize the Kitchen – Forever and for Always

I was mesmerized watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I mean, really mesmerized. I’m not one for all the clothes and shoes the people on her show collect. But I love my kitchen stuff. So, next time I went into the kitchen I was faced with asking myself, “Does this bring you joy?” as I touched everything. 

Well, good gracious, YES! 

There were a few chipped mugs and cheap plastic containers with no lids that could go. But otherwise, my kitchen stuff is my joy! 

So, what to do? My kitchen – at least for now – is smaller than my accessory joy can handle. At least in the current state of disarray. I am prone to shoving things into cupboards, when a few extra seconds to place them in there properly would keep things organized.

And I have been in THAT kitchen. Maybe not as perfectly organized as Marie Kondo’s likely is, but better than mine. Being there actually makes me feel insecure. And you know, that’s not a normal state for me. How can someone else’s organized kitchen bring out some underlying self-esteem problem? 

Embrace Yourself in All your Glory!

There’s more than one type of person in the world. Just check out the eleventy hundred personality tests on Facebook and you’ll know that people come in all types. I’ve done those personality tests, so I know which Disney Princess, salad vegetable and breed of dog I am. The question remains, what kind of kitchen organizer are you? 

Once you discover your type, you can find new organizational ways to work with your personality. Instead of cowering at the idea of your Marie Kondo friend’s kitchen.

What kind of Kitchen Organizer are You?

I figure there’s 4 basic Kitchen Organizer types. You could be a combination, or find one describes you completely. 

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Although everything isn’t always put where it belongs, you do actually have a spot for
everything. A real, designated, “this is where it goes” spot. If you have a pegboard in your craft
room or garage, you draw the outline of tools on the board, so you know exactly where each
thing belongs. You probably have a spot in the pantry cupboard for your favourite kitchen
accessories, but usually leave them on the counter.

When you are looking for something, you go to that thing’s “spot” first. No matter how untidy
things get, you always find there is confusion when you go to that “spot” and find it missing.
You have a key holder, but your keys aren’t always there.

You Remember Everything

Things don’t necessarily have a spot at your place, but you know where they are. As you move through your house (and life) you (unconsciously?) take note of where things are so you can remember for when you need them. 

You have been asked, “Where’s my ?” and answered something like “On the floor between the washer and the dryer.” Or “Behind the couch.”

Sometimes you put something specifically in a place with the intent to remember where it is, but don’t. This makes you crazy. 

Less is Better – or Is it?

You figure that you have too much stuff, and if only you could get rid of some you would be better organized. Unfortunately, everything is either incredibly practical or brings you great joy. So, this is not happening. 

You shuffle things around and reorganize regularly. Bins are your best friends. Lots and lots of bins. 

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

As much as you would love to have a perfectly organized space, if you can get done what needs to get done, who really cares? Function over form. As long as it works. 

You don’t notice mess, unless it is actively in the way. Then you make a special project of clearing things up, until next time. And you do an excellent job. Until next time. 

A More Organized Kitchen

So, what can you do to have a more organized kitchen, regardless of your Kitchen Organizer type(s)? (I am all 4!)

First, embrace your type. You are not alone. This is yet another outworking of your glorious personality. This is just how your type of Disney Princess (or salad vegetable or breed of dog) deals with kitchen accessories. It isn’t wrong. It’s just you. 

Then, read this list of tips and see if anything resonates with you. Resonates as in brings you joy! The kitchen accessories you keep should bring you joy, but so should the organizational systems you use. 

Joyful Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Accessories

● Clear the countertops – The lack of chaos brings joy all on its own.
● Store frequently used items close by – Don’t put the toaster on the top shelf of the
● Keep tools where they will be used – Keep cooking accessories near the stove.
● Designate a coffee bar – Because everything is better with coffee.

● Cleaning supplies – Under the sink if you have no small children and over the fridge (or
some other place they can’t reach) if you do. Keep the supplies together.
● Get rid of the stuff you don’t use or shouldn’t use. – Cracked or chipped items are trash.
If the baby turned 16 last month, get rid of the sippy cups.
● Do something fancy with your spices. – Even if you only use 3. Get nice containers.
Alphabetize them.
● Find a way to refer to recipes. – A Smartphone stand, a cookbook stand, or a pegboard
to tack papers to. Find new ways to organize your recipes.
● Use tiny bins as drawer organizers. – Or get several cutlery trays for each drawer.
There’s lots of ideas out there for how to organize your life and your kitchen. But then there is
reality. Embrace your reality. Organize to the level that brings you joy and let go of the rest. Life
is too short to be unduly worried about how well your cutlery is organized. You are a kitchen
Disney Princess (or salad vegetable or dog breed) and life goes on!

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