Star Plastic Party Plates

$39.00 $41.73

Star Plastic Party Plates

$39.00 $41.73

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Serve your gourmet dishes on durable and elegant Harlita Rose Gold Plastic Plates!

No need to worry. Our disposable plastic plates will accommodate your banquet’s need for more utensils. Each plate features outstanding stability and heavy duty weight letting your guests eat in peace without losing its shape and rigidity.

Most importantly, our premium plates’ fancy and intricate rose gold trimming will definitely make your guests gasp in awe and admiration, be prepared to be showered with compliments. They will effortlessly blend with the table setting you’ve worked hard in preparing. Our plates are perfect for weddings and even spontaneous dinner parties.

* These plates are not suited for microwave and dishwasher

Still not convinced? Here are more features to help you make a decision:

👍 Each pack contains 50 rose gold plates
👍 Instead of real china plates that cost a fortune, ours will get the job done at a fraction of the cost!
👍 Come in a beautiful and gift-ready packaging
👍 No more wasted time during clean-ups and washing the dishes


Additional information

Weight 3.25 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 12 cm


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