The 5 Best Kitchen Accessories for Real Home Cooks

The 5 Best Kitchen Accessories for Real Home Cooks

If you asked me my top 500 favourite Kitchen Accessories, I could probably make that list. I have been known to fan myself while ogling a plate rack. Kitchen accessories may not actually be my reason for living, but they come close. Don’t judge!

But, as life would have it, my kitchen is not the only room in my house. I have a few kitchen gadgets stored in closets about the place, but I try to keep everything mostly contained. 

My husband has a garage full of tools, and I see my kitchen the same way. I don’t use every tool every day, but the right tool for the job makes a HUGE difference. So, here’s my Top 5, today at least. 

  • Air Fryer
  • Electric Pressure Cooker
  • Yogurt Maker
  • Veggie Wash
  • Plate Rack

Air Fryer

I own a deep fryer, too. It just sits under the end cabinet while my air fryer seldom moves off the counter. The fact that an air fryer reduces the fat in food is good. But, that’s not my real reason for having it on my top 5 list. 

It’s the timer. You see, I can put chicken legs or wings, or fries or anything in there and just turn on the timer. It turns OFF automatically when the timer stops. Not like the oven when the timer goes off, but it has nothing to do with the actual heating function. So, it stops. I can be in the next room checking my social media (again, don’t judge!) and just wait. No more standing in the kitchen over hot oil getting spattered until the fries are crispy. 

There’s a gazillion recipes for air fryers, and I use very few. I do keep my air fryer recipes close by, and
well organized. Even so, it is probably one of the best investments I have ever made in the quality of my
food, both for taste and health.

Electric Pressure Cooker

There are some fancy electric pressure cookers out there. Mine is not so fancy, but I love it just the same. It has the same “set it and leave it” feature that the air fryer does, without the “OMG, what if it explodes?” fear of my grandmother’s on-stove pots. 

I think of my pressure cooker as a fast slow cooker and have adapted all my slow cooker recipes to use in it. They turn out much the same, without the need to plan. Throw something in after work, and it is ready within 60 to 90 minutes. Not so “instant” as some would have you believe, but not the 4 to 8 hours that a slow cooker takes. 

I make a lot of soups and broths, and meat with sauce. The rice is great made in it, but I usually have something else in the pot when I need the rice. So, I just ordered a second one.

Yogurt Maker

It is hard to explain how satisfying it is to make my own yogurt. It is almost as good as growing a tomato. Almost. I make my yogurt a little less tart than the commercial stuff so I can use it plain as a sour cream substitute and avoid sweetening when I add fruit. 

There’s a yogurt function on some electric pressure cookers, but I have a separate machine. Again, mostly because I use the pressure cooker enough that I don’t want to tie it up for the 12 hours or so it can take waiting for the yogurt to be food.

Fruit and Veggie Wash

I grow things. I buy organic when I can. Washing fruit and veggies is still a critical step. If you have ever eaten some greens with even a tiny bit of gritty dirt on them, you know how it can ruin a meal. So, I spend the time washing everything. 

Water works. Vinegar is a great addition. And there are lots of different commercial products at the health food store or grocery store. I have no idea what actually works best. In fact, I learned long ago that washing our hands with just water removes over 95% of the germs. I think veggies are much the same. 

But people get sick. E-coli is a problem. So, wash your food. And your hands. Your mom was right about that much.

Plate Rack

I got to renovate this kitchen! So, after having drooled over plate racks for decades, I got one! It’s simple. Just dowels that hold up the plates on end. My plates aren’t gorgeous, but I love seeing them all lined up like that! I wish it was possible to explain the sense of real luxury that a simple plate rack adds in an otherwise rather regular kitchen. It’s a good organizational tool, sure, but mostly I just like how it looks. 


So, those are the 5 Best Kitchen Accessories for Real Home Cooks as far as I’m concerned. Being a real Home Cook is a lifestyle choice. I like cooking real food, with fresh ingredients. That takes time, and effort. And, I like to think it takes some talent. What I know for sure is that it requires some focus. The right tool for the job in the kitchen makes a huge difference for me!

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